Marine Canvas


Outdoor Patios

Special Projects
Give your boat new life!

Your boat canvas is exposed to an unforgiving marine environment. We use only quality custom marine upholsteries, marine grade fabrics and vinyls. New foam replacement is also of the highest grade marine quality.

We recognize that each boat is unique, so each canvas product is designed, built and custom fitted to your boat specifications. Our designs balance the existing boat lines with functionality and durability.
We are a maker of all custom canvas tops and covers. 

Some of our creations include:

•  Boat covers
•  Full boat enclosures
•  Biminis
•  Sail covers
•  Rolling furling sun guards
•  Cushions
•  Boat enclosures/curtains
•  Equipment covers/motor covers
•  Instrument covers
•  Custom enclosures
and much more.