DawnTomPicDawn Daly Owner

Fusion Designs is located in Tampa, Florida and first opened for business in April 1994 as an interior design business. The business however, took a different turn when I met my future husband.

While dating, his career led him to work for a company based out of Miami. He made his temporary home away from home in Dinner Key on a newly acquired 1974 Dufour sail boat.

While we both loved the "new" boat, there were things that we wanted to change and repair. It was then that I decided to invest in a high end sewing machine. It was then that I discovered that I enjoyed working on sails and canvas and decided to make make a slight career change!

With my strong background in interior design, I am able to design boat interiors and exteriors based on the clients needs. I visualize a solution and turn it into a reality.